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Spring 2019 – Present

Hands down, this is personally one of the most important websites in this portfolio. The Pirate Tantrics are a crazy bunch of very intriguing people, whom I have called my closest friends for the past years. Together we organise many different events, exploring what it means to be the captain of our life, courageously breaking our own fears, comparing Nietzsche and the Vedas, and above all making life fun and adventurous. I dare say, that I would have been no where close to my current self, if I haven’t had met the captain Pipi Spielhand on this long long gone summer day of 2014.

The website as such is built very modular and was designed to be really different from all the other “spiritual” website. It plays strongly with the occult symbolism and remains in the language of the pirate, with fading waves in the background visually and through poetic references in the text.