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David Borck Projects Network

Spring 2016 – Present

David Borck has been my biggest client since 2015 and we completed many projects, created email templates, programmed tools and have many hours of consulting behind us. I am sincerely grateful for DBI, since they opened the niche of real estate clients to me and were a big part of my professional career as a webdeveloper/designer.

The microsite network originally was a series of 40+ sites running on a single WordPress multisite installation used by DBI for sharing information about single bigger properties they offer that I built and maintained for them. After a few years in 2020 the websites were redesigned and launched as a plugin for the main David Borck website, with a very beautiful design but pretty much the same functionality.

A Technological challenge was to make parts of the pages (like the property filter) render in React and load the components on demand. In the backend I developed new plugins to for example automatically generate Blueprint PDFs from WordPress data on properties and attach them to the microsites. An extensive machinery of checks in the backend analyses the data input to prevent mistakes from happening during configuration by the DBI editorial staff.

Technologies: Typescript, ReactJS, AnimeJS, WPack.io