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After Hours Mechanics

Winter 2019

This project has a unique backstory behind it. It was in early 2019, when I was traveling heart broken through western Texas, when my van broke down. It turned out later that the transmission ran out of oil and fused. Quite a bummer, since I have been on the road for just about a week and was about to stay on Beauford Friemels (the mechanic) backyard for the next 2 weeks.

Amarillo, Texas is not particularly known for its beauty or ease of transportation without a car. Also changing the transmission was a pricy business. I offered the mechanic  a deal to launch a new website for him in exchange for his work and the naming rights on my car. And so it happened. After 2 weeks he fixed my car, baptised her as “Christine” and I launched his new website.

Check out the Pictures towards the end of the slider, to see how life was at -12°C strong winds in a backyard of the After Hours Mechanics. Whenever you need mechanical assistance in Amarillo Texas, I really strongly recommend Beauford as a reliable and knowledgable mechanic!

Unfortunately Beauford did not pay read his emails and Bluehost shut the website offline after two years.