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Love Nature

Spring 2021

Love Nature is a website presenting a sustainable brand of detergents, dish and body soaps in Germany. It belongs to the huge multi-national company: Henkel. The basic idea was that the products are refillable at hundreds of stations throughout Germany in an effort to be more sustainable in the use of plastic. In August 2022 Love Nature claims to have refilled more than 100.000 plastic bottles.

This website is technologically quite advanced and runs on GatsbyJS (+ React) and uses a Contentful backend. At a point in its history it included a shop based on the headless Shopware 6 solution. A huge challenge was to mould the relatively simple Contentful backend into an editor that could be used by non-technical editors using various shortcodes and hacks to accomplish that.  The decision to use these technologies was not mine and in retrospect it appears a little bit impractical, since Gatsby is not made for dynamically changing content and Contentful is a bit too simple to allow for extensive editorial content.

I spent many months before and after the release on this project until it was finally taken over by  the original agency who acquired the client. The decision was made for financial reasons.

Technologies: GatsbyJS, React, Contentful, Shopware